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04/02/16 - posted by JM Quinn

Oh dear....cannot help you....
Over the years, I find the April Fool's jokes became less innocent and more of the cruel and heart-stopping variety, because of YouTube, or "not really getting into the genuine spirit of it all," etc.

It's one thing to get the recipient of the prank to join in the laughter. It's another thing to leave them staggering around in horrified shock.
"Was that an online foreclosure I saw on your Mother's home today?"
"April Fools!!"

No, I am not being PC here, believe me!!

I'd rather go out and stick a gooey wad of chewed gum into someone's hair - and then scream that they have a large, icky bug they need to get rid of NOW!!
Damn!!! Why did I not think of this yesterday??? :) :)

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