Re: Today in History

04/03/16 - posted by Tim Dineen

We had a good one at work...

Most days we have what we call our "morning huddle" shortly after opening the store. We have a little nosh and plan out the rest of the morning duties. There's always lots to be done and the place is never looking its best at that point. About 15 employees are there.

On Friday, phone rings and employee picks it up. "Oh, hi, [regional manager]. Yeah. Oh, great! See ya in a minute!"

[Turns to us] [Regional manager] is in the parking lot with [Corporate President] and they'll be in in a few minutes.

The looks everyone had were priceless. We kicked into gear and like a well-oiled machine, immediately started picking up, cleaning up, and getting ready for the imminent walk-through. No orders or direction were given - everyone just started moving.

Just as we were getting ready to really move, she started laughing and called out "April Fool!"

She got every one of us!

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