Re: A Milestone

04/12/16 - posted by JM Quinn

Hi Mary-Ann... It took me a few days to think about, but we also had Art Hoppe (gone in 2000) and Stanton Delaplane (gone in 1988 - whom Caen crowned "the last of the old irreplaceables.") Thank goodness we still have wonderful Carl Nolte, but that will not be forever. (No offense, Mr. Nolte.) Except for Jon Carroll (who has pretty much been buried in the "back pages") the current "columnists" on SFGate, IF you can call them that, rely mostly on billions of photo slide shows or videos, to tell their so-called story. They constantly fail to offer up a genuine written opinion, along with actual facts - good, bad, or indifferent - to substantiate their initial offering. Is this the new version of old Mr. Hearst's "Yellow Journalism" style?? Maybe call it "Reverse Yellow Journalism." Hahahahaha..

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