Re: Anyone know of any history in this spot?

04/05/16 - posted by W.M.

In using the property information map (found here):

The construction of the 3 story medical/dental office building located at 1 Shrader St, was completed in 1992, and the plans for the building were first submitted to the Planning Board in 1987 (I believe). If you click on the "permits" tab, you can find any updated renovation projects and/or additional installation of fire sprinkler systems, specific office or floor remodel(s), etc.

Like Frank, I also searched through the Polk City Directories for 1955, 1965, and 1975 and did not find that address. So I believe his assumption of residences using Fulton St addresses is likely true. And as far as his remembering the vacant lot at that corner goes, you can trust that as fact, as Frank possesses an incredibly detailed memory, especially for places/neighborhoods where he spent a few years of his life, such as the former SI and surrounding area.

I wish you the best luck in your further researching of this property.

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