Why was street closed off at Moraga & 20th

04/05/16 - posted by Holt Macon

As I was driving up Moraga Street yesterday, I was completely shocked to find that I could not go directly to 19th avenue from 20th avenue. I know that has been like that for awhile but you never really pay attention to such things because you are too busy with your life and never drive on that street.
There is a two block long condominium project there extending from Noriega to Lawton from 19th to 20th avenues and it is obvious that the developers were able to fit at least four extra units in two levels by completely closing off the street.
How the hell did this ever get through. With people protesting for years the building of a soccer field and rebuilding a library at Ortega Street, how in the world could they have let something like that pass or was some politician or Willie Brown too slick to ever let anyone interfere with the kickbacks that the developers MUST have paid to get that street closed so they could make more profit.
It is really incredible and annoying that this street was completely closed off for the purpose of greed and someone's payoff and no one caught it.
Next time they try to close off a street so they can build condos, I won't just be in the protest line, I'll be leading the protest line.

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