Re: 'Hello' and wondering if anyone has photos of 'Lincoln Manor' area from the past (pre-1980)

05/04/16 - posted by candis smyk hurlbut

Will, I am always delighted when someone new joins this site. I hope you soon will be adding your own unique stories.

Would it be possible for you to add your last initial when you write? We had Will Connelly as a regular contributor; he is no longer with us. In order to avoid confusing the two of you (he usually just used "Will")in the future, an initial or some identifier would be useful. We currently have another Will, who is known here as "W M" and that keeps additional confusion from occurring.

(As you read previous contributors, you need to know Rosie, Karyn Bosso, and Frank Grant are also no longer with us, and questions, direct emails, etc., will remain unanswered. I don't mean to be depressing/morbid; I just want to avoid awkwardness for you.)

As you discover the delightful and unique qualities you will read here, may you have many hours of entertaining learning.

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