April Streetwise: Rites of Spring

04/28/16 - posted by Mary-Ann - orrville6849<at>att.net

Enjoyed your latest Streetwise last week, Frank, and waited for someone to comment. So the honor goes to me this year - and I must say that it's another delightful piece that brings back memories of traditions that could duplicate many of our own family activities.

With an early childhood with just parents, who both worked, my grandmother and very few families with kids nearby, we didn't do many of the activities you described when I was young. Then, during wartime with so many food items and other things rationed, Dad gone now, too, Easter was quietly celebrated going to church and having a holiday dinner perhaps with a couple of Mom's friends joining us. I do remember one Easter, though, when I was very young. My favorite couple of all the folks' friends gave me the biggest stuffed Easter Bunny I had ever seen. Loved it.

Please don't think I was deprived - I was perfectly happy without the dyed eggs and candy or anything from the Easter Bunny - I didn't miss what I didn't know about. But, when I hit my teens I took over the kitchen and dyed eggs and learned how to make stuffed eggs from Grandma and coaxed jellybeans out of the folks.

With my own kids it was more like Frank's descriptions of activities. And then when the grandkids came along that was the start of the Easter egg hunts. I bought plastic take-apart eggs and put candy and coins that I had saved in a mayonnaise jar all year. Each one was only allowed one large egg - one for each kid with 50 cents in each (until they got older - then $1) - the rest with small change. They were quite competitive - now it's quieted down again. I'm just waiting for the great grands to reach hunting age.

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