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Memories of the 50's I grew up At 519 Ramsell ,went to St Emydius .Remember Siren hill At the top of Ashton St. Selmis at Holloway and Ashton. Ocean ave Sat. Movies at the El Rey with the kids from HomeWood Terrace . Kids from the neighborhood. At 13 Making out in the back row with girls from Homewood. ( then meeting one 40 yrs. later ) Climbing the Mouments at Victoria and Ocean. The Ice Skating rink about 1953, The Red Roof,The Sanpan,. The 5&10 store. Riding the "K" car with the cow catchers and riding the cow catcher's on the rear;the open rear with the Conductor. Going downtown and seeing the sun in July ( always the fog in the summer.) Aptos Playground,( Broke both my wrists there when 9), the Clubhouse With Mr. Dites ? . when I was 14 in the summer. Playing Pedro there. The Gym at nite for basketball . We would walk there , thru the STEPS and up to Ocean ave We walked most everywhere as kids and never had problems , rode the Muni all over The City by ourselves as kids . More another Time ,Bob

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