Who Remembers the Parkside Library's Summer Reading Program?

05/18/16 - posted by Jo Anne Q. - lapichon3<at>gmail.com

I just finished re-reading, with great enjoyment, the resurrected 2010 Streetwise - "The Taraval Trail."

Frank's memories of the Parkside Library of Yore? It re-booted a memory of my own...

I was an avid reader. Books were my "escape" and the library was my second home. I recall a yearly "summer reading program" for the grade school kids where we could sign up and read a specified number of books in July and August to earn a certificate, plus getting our name on some kind of "summer readers board" which was displayed in the main entryway. (It was always a thrill for a kid to see their name on that board after they completed their reading project.)
In order to prove we had actually read the books, we would have to report to one of the patient and dedicated librarians, and provide an oral synopsis of the characters and plot - and no fair memorizing the book's inside flyleaf description!! The librarians were totally on to that scam!!

BTW - this was a LOT more fun than having to write a book report for a school assignment, believe me!!

Does anyone else out there have recollections of this delightful summer reading program?

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