Re: Who Remembers the Parkside Library's Summer Reading Program?

06/05/16 - posted by Jo Anne Q.

Hi Tim!!! (And I'm sending hugs to you, Victor, Nonna and Blanche!!)
Yes, I remember checking out sequels to The Wizard of Oz from our glorious Parkside Library!

Unfortunately, one of them gave me nightmares. I cannot remember the title, but Dorothy and companions had to get to a land that was guarded by a huge mechanical (I think) giant with a large mallet, which he pounded down to the ground in a regular rhythm. Dorothy and pals had to figure out how much time they had, between pounds, to run through his legs and get to where they wanted to go.

I kept having bad dreams about trying to do this, and being SMASHED by the hammer! That's when my Mom did the sensible thing and put the kibosh on my reading any further "Oz" books for the time being. That was OK by me.
I remember talking about this with my little reading friends, and none of them were affected in a similar fashion. Therefore, it was MY problem, and not anyone else's.

If this happened today, irate Helicopter Parents would demand that the book be completely removed from the library because it traumatized their Little Snowflake. I am sure the Parkside Library, now, sometimes has to deal with this kind of silly behavior. It's why I have a lapel button that states "I read banned books."
How times have changed!!

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