Re: Who Remembers the Parkside Library's Summer Reading Program?

05/27/16 - posted by Jo Anne Q.

Thank you, W.M. for the link about the creators of the Parkside Library. It's never too late to re-educate ourselves...

Our library was invaluable in so many ways. Along with the Summer Reading Program, their reference collection was always up-to-date.

I still remember, in 7th Grade, exploring their Encyclopedias to try and find out "where babies come from." Laugh if you will, but I got the "biological information" I needed.

I had been engaged in an argument with an 18th Ave. neighborhood girlfriend, who kept insisting that the "stork delivery" was accurate.

I wrote the info from the Encyclopedia down in a notebook, and presented the page to her. She became furious, said it was all lies, and stomped off. It took a few weeks before we repaired our friendship and agreed to dismiss the discussions!!

The library holdings contained The Truth, but The Truth is not always welcomed, is it? :) :)

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