Re: Who Remembers the Parkside Library's Summer Reading Program?

05/27/16 - posted by candis smyk hurlbut

Right, JoAnne! Just look at (urrp) politics today. Don't confuse me with the facts certainly is even more represented as the truth. I am sure I've mentioned before, several times, I question everything. (Which made me very unpopular, and influenced several teachers to adjust my grade...down...way, way down.)Even if I am sure I will be frightened the answer is going to be something I won't like, I still want to know the truth. The truth may set you free...or may not...but it *is* out there, and should always be encouraged, known, and spread. Let us always (strong march music now is heard) strive to learn,, practice, and uphold the truth! (Loud cymbals and drums are now heard) This is only a very small reason why we must read to learn.

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