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How many people know why today (6-6) was a really big deal in 1944? Not too many are left to remember. In 1964, there were some television recognitions. A "bunch of old guys," some of whom were even (gasp!) over 50, were interviewed to tell their stories. Several Generals (who really were elderly and would not be around for too many more years) were recognized: Eisenhower, Montgomery, DeGaul, to name several.

It saddens me to know how many wars followed in only 10 years--and saddens me even more to realize how many followed during the next 52 years. Why do we keep fighting over and over for the same goals, with such temporary success. (Today isn't a day off for shopping, camping, or yard work. If we were to recognize every military event with a day off, we wouldn't work much, if at all.)

Could those who remember D Day (6-6) share now on this site whatever memories you have, especially how it was in The Outsidelands, on that day?

A special thank you to anyone who served in the military 72 years ago to help create the better world for those of us who received the benefits of your efforts. You aren't forgotten.

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