Family History

06/12/16 - posted by Frank Dunnigan - dunnigan<at>

Well, chalk up another one for WNP services…

A faithful reader from Southern California emailed me yesterday with what she said was a long shot. She was looking for a distant cousin—her only remaining living family member, who was several years younger. She remembered that he had grown up in the Sunset District and had gone to a local Catholic school. Even though she also knew his name and approximate age, there was not much to go on.

Sure enough, though, there was a connection. I knew him because we met at SI during my senior year on 37th Avenue—though he was a year younger and in the class behind me. His name might not have registered with me at all because of that age difference, except for the fact that we sat adjacent to one another in a US History course when I was a senior. This was a highly unusual occurrence, except that a cluster of seniors who had taken only one lab science course were then required to take an additional “US History and Institutions” class as a graduation requirement—thus landing a dozen or so of us seniors in a history class populated mostly by juniors.

One quick check of the SI online alumni directory, and I found my one-time classmate now listed as living in Wisconsin—complete with a current email address. I sent him a copy of the email from the lady in Southern California, and he responded, so as of this morning, the two have happily re-connected.

WNP—always there when it comes to history!

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