Streetwise: Summer in the City

07/03/16 - posted by Mary-Ann - orrville6849<at>

Frank, you have hit that great-memories button again and covered most all the bases, too.

That wonderful feeling at the beginning of vacation of having nearly an eternity of time ahead to do whatever we wanted (within reason) and no clocks or schedules to get in the way.

One thing you didn't mention, though, was just doing nothing. Actually, we may have appeared to be doing nothing, but whatever was going on in our heads was important. All that letting your mind flow wherever it took you - those dreams and crazy thoughts, the wishes and plans, the hopes that all would work out by next week or next month - or ever? Even sometimes planning on what we would do when we were grown up - that is if you were lucky enough to know what career you wanted to follow - what you wanted to be.

And special thanks, Frank, for bring back the wonderful memories of times at Marin Town & Country Club. Did we not live at the best of times?

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