Re: Streetwise: Summer in the City

07/03/16 - posted by Jo Anne Quinn

Thanks Mary Ann, and thanks Frank!!!

I remember various magical summer rituals, but, like you. Mary Ann, I also remember "doing nothing."

My parents took us on summer excursions, both to resorts, but mostly to our affordable little vacation cabin in Los Trancos Woods (San Mateo County), which is now an upscale enclave for the Silicone Valley tech-wealthy.

I think my folks were happy to just let me play in my neighborhood, with my local buddies - bike-riding, chalked in hop-scotch games on on sidewalks, goofing around in back yards - building "tents," making Mud Pies, etc.

I spent many of those summer days indoors - reading, thinking about any number of things, and being allowed to do so by parents who, unlike the frantic helicopter parents of today, did NOT think I had to be totally involved every minute of the day - engaged in one frantic activity or another. :) :(

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