Re: Streetwise: Summer in the City

07/07/16 - posted by W.M.

Another great article, Frank. Thank you.

For you and the other ex-bottle cap collectors, you might find the following website fun:

On the left side menu, click on "Cork Crowncap Database", then click on "Crown Cap Quick Search". Once there, enter "Soda California" in the search box and you can view the many other brands that were popular in The City (and elsewhere) such as Mission, Fanta, Tab, Hires, Squirt, etc.

As for myself, I collected postage stamps at an early age, which I sold to one of my family's doctors, who was an avid stamp collector. So I guess I had some pretty good ones that he really wanted as I remember him paying me about $35 or so (a FORTUNE for a 6 year old in 1961)...

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