Re: Streetwise: Summer in the City

09/10/16 - posted by KevB

Though I entered my junior year (with the red jacket from Free-Manetti on Haight)) as you goggle eyed frosh entered the hallowed Stanyan St. halls much of that world stayed very similar. Little we knew it was the end of an era. I wonder if the story about the roof swimming pool was still fed to newbies and if anyone by then believed it.
We Holy Name guys picked up the 28 at Judah, early, to meet with the Pres girls at 25th/ Balboa then catch the last POSSIBLE bus to school. There were also Star and St. Rose girls sometimes.
Wonderful times on that corner.
After school we'd walk to Geary to avoid the 5 or 31 crush, transfer to the 10, picking up a Boudin sourdough roll while waiting. If that stop got crowded we'd mosey up to Clement sharing the cross park, Sunset bound ride with the Star and St. Rose girls.
My dad was in class and seminary with Frs, Jacobs, Spoh, Pallas and Ryan (his first roommate at the Noviate).
Oh yeah, the last two minutes of the 66 AAA football championship game.
"Those were the days my friend..."

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