Re: Streetwise: Summer in the City

07/05/16 - posted by Dave L.

Those were some great activities, though I would add to the list going to the slot car parlor that was out by Playland. The big kids (who were probably 13 or 14 at the time) considered me too young to control a car, but I was afforded the "privilege" of running underneath the tracks to put the spin outs back onto their color-coded slots. Choosing the wrong color got one branded as "dork" or "spaz," but the names didn't stick for long.

I smiled at the mention of coin collecting. I was hooked on that at the time and never really let go, ultimately making it my career. As someone who sees a lot of coins every day and doesn't need to see more at home, I've instead chosen to collect the old coin folders and albums as my hobby, just like the one shown in Frank's article. I've even written books on the subject.

Thanks for the memories...

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