Re: Streetwise: Summer in the City

07/05/16 - posted by Mary-Ann

My grandmother was a coin collector - mainly pennies, but some others, too. She got me mildly interested in checking through rolls of pennies. I think I was too impatient and got discouraged too easily when I didn't find anything I needed to fill a spot, but I sporadically returned to the hobby over the years.

Her 'holders' were oblong, about 8"-9" wide and about l7" long with holes bored out for the coins and sliding
'windows' made of strips of clear isinglass? or celluloid? or some such material. She had one '09s VDB but no '14D, not for lack of trying to find it. Much of her collection she gave away to a cousin (who promptly sold it off) - but I have that one board with the '09er and many other early pennies. I still keep my eyes out and check my change!

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