Re: Send jb some love

08/10/16 - posted by jb

My Dear Friends,

Words will not describe my gratitude for your prayers and well wishes and along with my thanks comes good news that I am healing well and feeling better daily. i hope to respond to personal emails faster as I regain more energy. Please know our lil cyberhood here still fuctions in the ways of neighborhoods past, and I am deply indented to Paul Judge for passing along my plight over the low fencelines and laundry lines of yore that still conmect us all.

Shortcake was also a master at getting out the word to friends and family and me beijg a strong believer the the power of collective blessings feel yours are, and remain, a major part of my continued healing and well being.

So here is looking at all of you kids, from the right side of the grass. Thanks and warmest regards,

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