Water Shortage Closing Fields

09/08/16 - posted by Holt Macon

A friend of mine told me something strange lately.

He said that grass fields throughout San Francisco will be closed because they use too much water and that all the fields at the West Sunset area have been closed and that over the next 10 years all fields will either have to be converted to artificial grass or be entirely closed down.

I didn't believe him so a week or so ago I went up to those fields and surely enough the two baseball fields and the soccer fields were closed and when I asked someone they said that they had been closed for at least a month.

There was also a sign there that said the fields had been closed for water conservation.

Population is constantly increasing and they keep on building more and more buildings throughout the Bay Area. There may not be enough water to support everyone so artificial grass may have to be the way to go if they can come up with the money for them in order to keep our fields open.
It's sad because kids are back at school and can't even use the fields.
I suppose there's always computer games but it's not the same and gets them too hyper.

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