Geoff Svendsgaard’s San Francisco Video Assemblages

09/08/16 - posted by Paul Judge

WNP historian/curator/archivist extraordinaire Nicole Meldahl brought attention to a 4-minute video that weaves together photos and film footage from numerous sources devoted to Playland at the Beach, Sutro Baths, and the Cliff House assembled by Geoff Svendsgaard.

Another creation by Svendsgaard worth noting is a 90-minute montage devoted to San Francisco. At 6-seconds from the start he’s titled this work, “Lands Ending” not ‘Lands End SF’ as appears on the YouTube frame. Spliced together with an accompanying music track are a dizzying array of familiar and unfamiliar stills and film footage appropriated from a variety of history organizations, institutions, and archival sources.

San Franciscans who remember and anyone who savors the City’s past can enjoy this visual and musical romp across the decades. Fasten your seat belt, this is a Mad Hatter's Tea Party. Note: The link might jump-start midway from the beginning. Use your cursor to slide the red ball on the video bar at the bottom of the page back to the start at 0:00.
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