Re: 1963 school film on SF History

09/23/16 - posted by W.M.

Love the 1963 film. Remember the days when someone from "audio-visual" would wheel a 16mm projector into the classroom while the teacher set up the movie screen so we could watch films like this? And yes, there was often the half-hour wait time as they figured out how to load the film, change a burned-out lamp, fix the audio volume, etc, as mentioned earlier. But hey, sometimes (when we got lucky) that delay made it so there wouldn't be enough time to take an English or Arithmetic test which was initially scheduled for that day...hahahaha

As for changes between 1963 and 1973, probably the biggest 3 (or at least the tallest) would be the Bank of America WHQ, Transamerica Pyramid, and that erector set thing they built on Mt. Sutro - ok, sorry - Sutro Tower.

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