Re: Traffic Central

10/03/16 - posted by JM Quinn

Tim!!! GREAT hearing from you here!!! (And hugs to Victor, Nonni, and Blanche...)

I feel your pain...when I visited in 2010, I noticed the uptick in traffic. But, fortunately, I mostly had rides wherever I needed to go, and also took the still-convenient Muni when I wanted to go Downtown.
Being able to sit in my kindly driver's passenger seat allowed me to observe...and I wasn't impressed. I can only imagine what it is like today, and I get the shudders just thinking about it.

A friend of mine visited the Home Town last year, and opted to take a few bus tours to see some of the old sites rather than drive around in a rented car. Wise move...and perhaps another tip to avoid traffic? Hahahaha.

Yes, it's sadly true, "You can't go home again." Better to page through old photo albums and the SF Library's archives, remember what was, sigh, and move on.

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