Re: Sunset District Real Estate

10/07/16 - posted by JM Quinn

Thank you Frank.
(I am sure Woody tried to be very measured with his comments...what else could he do?)
This article was disgusting, to say the least. One of the author's remarks stood out....

"Affordability is the chief factor cited for the neighborhood’s newfound popularity."

Who in hell thinks house prices in this area, creeping up to 1Mil, is "affordable????"

I am sure the current owners of my Home Place (who have turned it into a 6-bedroom version of a boarding house) are ecstatic. I am also sure my parents, and their long-ago neighbors, are whirling in their coffins.

I read an online article the other day - about some SF fancy-schmancy condo high rise recently being completed (individual condo purchase price is over 1Mil) - which contained "shocking" news. The units were not being equipped with washers and dryers - the buyer had to negotiate for them separately.
Oh, boo hoo....

It has finally happened....San Francisco has gone to the dogs....that is, The Big Dogs with The Big Bucks.
I weep, and I move on....

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