Re: Sunset District Real Estate

10/08/16 - posted by Mary-Ann

Last year I had the responsibility of getting my late brother's little junior-five updated and sold. We - I say "we" because my kids were included in the decisions since they were beneficiaries.

We chose to update and completely remodel the kitchen and bath which were in bad condition. The rest of the house was in fair condition except for needing a good cleaning and new paint. The biggest job was updating the electrical throughout the house. We also put in new windows and doors throughout. There were no extra rooms built in downstairs in the basement and we were blessed with one of the small backyards.

One of my son's best friend is a pro contractor and he and the son did all the work on the place, camping out in the basement except for most weekends. They did a fantastic job = the house turned out beautifully done with lots of the little touches and quality materials used. It was well worth it - we chose not to "stage" the place since it looked so nice as is = besides it was pretty expensive.

It sold in eight days and we had eleven bids on the place. The reasons being in my opinion. we had an excellent real estate agent and the Sunset district did not and still does not have many homes available for sale - not enough to meet the demand.

We sold to a small family. I hope they will be very happy there.

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