Re: Book Release

10/24/16 - posted by Ann J

Hello to Frank and Joanne Q.

A friend of my brothers gave him a copy of your new book on the history of St Cecilia's Parish. I spent the weekend reading it from cover to cover. Although my brother and I went to West Portal Elementary all of our playmates on 18th Avenue and on Rivera b/w 18th and 17th Avenues went to St Cecilias. I'm using a magnifying glass to locate Terry O. and Kathy E. your classmates in the 1st communion photo and next door neighbors to my family.

Joanne I enjoyed your piece on the 1957 earthquake. I was in 3rd grade Miss James classroom when it hit. We jumped under the tables and spent the rest of the day playing in the school yard. Two of my childhood playmates were in your class at St Cecilias - Alice B and Jim V. They were two years older but had sisters closer in age to me

Ann (Polacchi) Jennings

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