Re: Book Release

10/27/16 - posted by JM Quinn

I have almost finished Frank's sequel to "Growing Up In San Francisco," and I am gobsmacked!

What a fun, informative and nostalgic read! Thank you Frank, for giving me some respite from the trials and tribulations of Real Life as it is in the 21st Century!!

My Favorite Chapter??? Chapter 4. I never knew "Ann and Charles," but they did not live that far away from my parents' home at 19th & Quintara (also purchased in the early '30s). Frank's beautiful tribute made me feel like I HAD known them and their family; and makes me very sorry that I did not.

My other Favorite Chapter was 5 - "Along the Taraval Trail." In my mind, I was there with Frank peering into then-existing shop, bakery, and restaurant windows, and visualizing dear old familiar faces inside.

And now I retire to my fainting couch, where I shall happily swoon for a little while...

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