Re: Where would you move to now that your home is worth 1 million or more

11/19/16 - posted by Karen K

Holt--you are spot on with your list about places to live.. However, is Lagunitas too hot in the summer? Even though I live in Santa Cruz, I find it is too hot here now when the mean temperature should (used to be) in the low 70's when "warm" and foggy (as I prefer) a lot. Due to global warming the "what we were used to" temperatures are no more.

Regarding PG (Pacific Grove) as a place to retire to, we considered it about six years ago. What stopped US was the fact EVERYONE has to use a two lane road to get in and out of town- factor in LOTS of tourists and you "wake up" to the fact without a car you CANNOT get in/out of town. PG is very expensive, too..more so than parts of Monterey.

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