Re: Do No Harm Message Board Posters

10/29/16 - posted by Skipper

Rosie 4/7/06
"Sorry my item did not seem to fit although I felt as long as it was about our city it was o.k."

In my defense there was absolutely nothing obscene about my posts that were deleted. And they were profoundly about our city.

So relieved to see I'm not the first nor do I suspect the last to get confused about what is acceptable in this row.

I felt as tho the argument against me took on an emotional level that abandoned all logic.

No body wants to be unfairly treated.
That's what sparked Mr. Quinn's response to my "the top tower".posts.

Like jbI was dumb-founded.

Can't say I'm sorry cause I don't understand what I did.

Victim of whim.

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