Re: Do No Harm Message Board Posters

10/29/16 - posted by Jo Anne Quinn

I forgot to mention one important thing... (and yes, I am BRAGGING.) NOTE: For reasons of comprehension, I have tried to separet the paragraphs, but the site is not allowing me to do so. ????????? Apologies... Back in 2010, when the St. Cecilia Class of 1960 held its 50th reunion, I arranged for Woody LaBounty, Frank Dunnigan, and Lorri Ungaretti to attend our Friday Night kick-off wine and cheese gathering at the Collins Center. My classmates were absolutely thrilled to meet these "celebrities," and it gave Frank and Lorri the opportunity to obtain more research information for their respective, future books. (I still have lovely photos, and videos, of this momentous event...which are on our class website. Ahhhhhh...) And, I think some of our ladies fell madly in love with Woody's good looks. (How frivolous are we, eh???) What a magic night!! A funny moment occurred when Frank reminded my classmate, Jimmy B. that he (Frank) had taken Jimmy's sister to the Junior Prom at SI. I cannot repeat Jimmy's response here because it had slightly lewd (though happily joking) connotations. But, Frank made a "connection" wich served him well for the rest of the evening. Woody provided me with very cool WNP brochures, which were made available to the attendees. The left-overs were collected brought to Saturday night's banquet and distributed among the dinner tables, with the help of one of the darling wives of one of my classmates. That having been said, and those fond memories clutched to my sagging bosom, I have chosen to no longer be a "Cheerleader" for WNP. Again, I wish you all well....I will "peek in" once in awhile, but that's about it....

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