Don't be paranoid Message Board Posters

10/27/16 - posted by Powers That Be


This is Woody LaBounty, literally the Power that Be in the Western Neighborhoods Project.

You have to make up your minds:

1) Do you want us monitoring this message board and removing posts that aren't about west side history and that some find offensive? Or...

2) Do you want to be grown-ups and follow the customs and rules of this online community without us stepping in?

We don't take kindly to talk of us as dictators and taking screenshots to... what? Email to us as attachments in high dudgeon?

What do you think our small volunteer-run nonprofit owes you? We're not the government that you pay taxes to, right?

Anyway, (real threat here, no doubt, from the Powers That Be) perhaps the days of message boards are over. Facebook, Twitter, etc may work fine for this kind of thing, and monitoring the kids' room isn't high on our priority list.

We'll chat about it with the Board of Directors and get back to you all. No doubt we will try to keep all the messages over the past 15 years archived, but may shut new posts down.

Stay tuned...

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