Re: Don't be paranoid Message Board Posters

10/28/16 - posted by Mary-Ann

'Outsidelands' is a rarity - one might even say 'one of a kind'. I came aboard around 2006 - there was never a time that I did not feel welcome. All who participate in posting their memories, stories, comments, whatever are respectful of one another. To me, this is a haven where I don't have to ever feel criticized, disrespected, shouted at with foul language for sharing an opinion or comment. If I make an error in fact, someone will politely set me straight without making me feel like a complete doofus. I can do that all by myself. I've felt that I have made friends here and have commented many times on the characteristics of this site.

I can only think of two or maybe three times when something has been removed and I believe most of us have felt the right thing was done. By posting anything here you infer that you accept the rules that are in place. This is how most of us were taught to act when growing up in these neighborhoods. It's something we all have in common.

Woody, I hope many come through on your side in this and we can keep our beloved message board going.

Mary-Ann Orr

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