Re: Do No Harm Message Board Posters

10/28/16 - posted by JM Quinn

I have had personal correspondence about this with Woody.
I deeply, deeply appreciate all he has done...
And thank you, Woody, for not deleting my previous post.

In his correspondence he made reference to people who "use the site," but have not "contributed a dime." (I forgive him, because he was probably quite upset.)

This is very true when it comes to me. I am a Senior on a limited income - and even a yearly, minimal membership fee is a hardship.

However, over the years, I have contributed in other ways.
Articles, photos, information sharing on posts.

I have promoted the WNP site to others (including my own SC Class of 1960 Email forum), who grew up in the Western Neighborhoods - sharing links that they might find of interest.
I have also encouraged them to join and pay a membership fee.
I have been honored to contribute to Frank Dunnigan's books, and recently posted a glowing review in this forum in the hopes that more people would buy his books.

What I lack in money, I have made up in effort and enthusiasm.
That must count for something, eh?
Then again, maybe not...

I will refrain from commenting on Skipper's latest posts in this thread - they speak for themselves.

I wish all of you well....

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