Question about some Sunset corner houses

10/30/16 - posted by W.M. - wmccullar<at>

As we've had numerous past threads where our Sunset (and Richmond) district houses were discussed in such great detail, I failed to mention (and ask about) two of the houses that differed significantly in design (interior and exterior) from the rest of our "borderline" Doelger City block homes. Interestingly, on our block, both houses that I am inquiring about are located on the SW corner of 28th Ave, one on Quintara and the other on Rivera Sts.

A while back, I searched each property (2101 28th Ave, and 2205 28th Ave respectively) on The City's website and found that each of these corner houses were built in 1951 - 1952 while most of the others were built between 1939 - 1940. From this I can only conclude that both SW corners were left undeveloped (sand lots?) for about a dozen years before a more modern-looking design home was built.

Because the other corner houses on my block were built during the general development period (1939 - 1940) while ONLY the SW corners of Quintara and Rivera Sts were undeveloped, I have to wonder if there was some significant reason for this. I'm trying to also visualize in my mind if any of the other nearby blocks appeared to have more modern houses on the corner(s) like mine did, but I'm drawing a blank at the moment.

Any thoughts or information as to why these (or other) SW corner lots remained undeveloped for such a long time after the remainder of the full city block was developed? So far I can't make any sense of it.

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