Re: Question about some Sunset corner houses

11/19/16 - posted by Karen K

To Leif re: the Christmas Tree Lot on the corner of 19th Avenue and Sloat.. My neighbor, two doors down, on Sylvan was the relative of the family that owned/owns it. I do not feel it correct to reveal their name, but they also own a place of business on Great Highway which is still standing. (okay, now the wheels in your mind will start to turn!)

Re: corner houses--even though I now live on a corner lot (the past 32 years) in Santa Cruz, the street name is Pacheco--so do I "qualify" to add to this thread? Laugh out loud! The history of my corner lot does not lend to the belief of size for a flat or apartment building, but, I can say 2016 in Santa Cruz is (unfortunately) going in this direction! ( my house was built in 1939 and I am only the third owner--no chance they will succeed with a monster house or three story building here--at least as long as I am here!)

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