Re: Question about some Sunset corner houses

10/31/16 - posted by Ann J.

My parents moved to their new home on 18th Avenue at Rivera in Feb. 1949. Their home the 2nd on the east side was new along with the house next door. The rest of the homes were probably re-war. At the NE corner of 18th and Santiago was a large empty lot. 4 homes were built on 18th Ave circa 1953 or 54. I remember sneaking into the houses with my playmates and being caught by the builder and chased out. In the middle of Santiago was an old house where a weird old lady lived. We played in the sand lot next door. It seems like every area in the Parkside had a" quirkie" old lady. There was another one on 17th Avenue near Rivera. We called her the cat lady.She had alots of cats!

On the corner of 18th and Rivera are 3 large homes and one small one - it had a twin next door on Rivera. The homes shared a back yard.

Ann J.

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