Re: Question about some Sunset corner houses

11/02/16 - posted by Steve

I can describe the situation of the 1600 (Lawton-Moraga) and 1700 (Moraga-Noriega) blocks of 29th Ave. Other than these, most everything near there was built normally.

On the 1600 block, one side of which is the playground, all was built up early, but one house in mid-block was one of the very old detached beach-style shingle homes, occupying two lots. It was torn down and replaced with two traditional row houses in the mid to late 1950s.

On the 1700 block most houses were built pre-WW2 but there were two empty lots, one small one mid-block on the west side, and one that took up half the block, up to Noriega, on the east side. The small lot was built in 1953. The large lot, great for play, was built in three stages in 1955-60. The northernmost part of that is a church. The last built were three modern-looking houses on the SE corner including the corner house on Noriega.

There are unusual, very large houses on the corners of 29th and Moraga (SE) and 30th and Moraga (NW). I don't know the history.

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