Re: Question about some Sunset corner houses

11/17/16 - posted by JM Quinn

This is so interesting! When I was growing up at 19th and Quintara (and what I remember from the early 50s onward), my home was the only corner lot with a family dwelling (with 18th as the next block up from me).

Directly across 19th, and heading west, was always a Christmas tree corner lot, and I also recall it being some kind of nursery during the non-holiday season.

Across from that lot (heading south, I think? - I'm horrible with orientation) was the corner lot Richfield (?) gas station, which I think is still there....or a reasonable facsimile thereof.

On my side of 19th, and directly across from our home was a a rather ugly concrete apartment building. I cannot remember it being anything else...but very early photos show it as undeveloped...and I don't recall a family home ever sitting there.

One block up, on the upper west corner of Quintara and 20th, was a huge building which took up most of that block - in my day, it was a paper- producing factory (stationery cards, letter paper, etc.) Much later, it turned into a Day Care Center. Somewhere, I have City Directory pages showing the original building's name and address, and later on, the Day Care name and address.

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