Re: Streetwise - when I'm 64

11/23/16 - posted by JM Quinn

Hah, Frank!!!
When I was at my 2010 SC Class of 1960 Reunion, classmate Rosalie Savano (see article in this website about her Dad, Sam Savano, and his luggage shop in West Portal) reminded me of how I broke her nose!!
Early grade school - cavorting around in the recess yard playing "horsie" - I was the "horse" and Rosalie was the "rider." The "reins" were my sweater sleeves (said sweater being tied around my waist). For some reason, I stopped short and Rosalie ran into me...insult to her fine nose ensued.
I did not remember this, but I was mortified!! Fortunately, Rosalie was just telling this as a funny story, and not expecting apologies!!

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