Growing Up in San Francisco by Frank Dunnigan

11/04/16 - posted by Mary-Ann - orrville6849<at>

Well, I finished Frank Dunnigan's newest book in two days. It was a fine trip and I even learned many bits of information that were new to me. A big plus - there were many reminders of events and places I had not thought of for years and those took me back to old times with old friends.

Being a few years older than the Boomers, I could even think back to personal memories of places he talks about - like when S F State College moved - (that's what it was called when I was there) The location was on Haight and Duboce?) About 1951 they started building the 'new' campus out where it is now. As buildings, facilities and grounds were finished the transition was begun. At first, only a few classes moved, then a few more, and so on. Free bus service was provided. The classes at the old campus started on the hour and the classes at the new campus started at 40 minutes past the hour. We trundled back and forth and adjusted to the routine.

Several of us girls got together when we heard a new swimming pool was in the plans. We signed up and were part of the very first class to swim in that pool.

To us students, the transition seemed to be smooth. We would miss the special places where we congregated between classes - right outside the gym, mostly. And we were going to miss the old place and at the same time, were pretty proud of having that new campus.

I recommend reading Frank's new book, "Growing Up in San Francisco - More Boomer Memories". I guarantee it will entertain you and most likely stir up many buried memories.


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