Re: Once Again: 11 11 11

11/11/16 - posted by Charles

Thanks, Candis, for your kind tribute to my brother Frank. He has been gone 18 months. In settling his affairs, I obtained the American flag given to every deceased veteran. Every day I see it in my family room. In going through his belongings, I obtained our father's World War I army discharge certificate, also now on display. Dad was born in San Francisco, as were two of his uncles, both San Francisco natives and 1898 veterans of the war in the Philippines. And we have ancestors who served in the Civil War, the War of 1812 and the Revolution.

Back when we were students at Lincoln High and during our subsequent service I don't remember just what our war philosophy was. Looking back, I believe we had only one thought: It was the cost of freedom.

Today, as every Veterans Day, a flag is flying from my Santa Clara County home.

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