Re: Once Again: 11 11 11

11/11/16 - posted by W.M.

A wonderful tribute, Candis.

Charles' mention of the American Flag given in military honors to the next of kin in tribute to his/her service reminded me of a significant family tradition since I was about 3 years old.

My grandfather (a WWI veteran) died in 1958 and my Mom was presented with his flag (48 stars) at the gravesite service. From that day on, all holidays and observances in which an American Flag was to be flown or displayed (Veteran's Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, etc), we unfolded that flag and hung it from the iron balcony outside our living room window, all the while taking extra care to keep it from touching the ground which was sometimes difficult to do given it's length and on windy mornings, but we managed. Needless to say, the same care was given when taking it down at sunset.

This tradition lasted about a dozen years or so, until our OutsideLands weather (elements) began to take it's toll on the flag. But for that time period, I believe it gave Mom a profound sense of pride to display her Father's flag on these important holiday observances.

Thank you for rekindling this memory for me.

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