Re: I'm in a Frisco state of mind

11/13/16 - posted by Skipper

My Father knew all the top brass and would kinda get the inside scoop on auctions on Treasure Island. Then strapped with cash would go bid on items. Like 6 engines, 4 of which he'd he'd get running. Sell. And fish for a year. One time he got all these lifeboats. Serious equipment for a song. They had these pins you pulled and zap, they inflated. I remember cause Dad and his friends thought it a be a good idea to inflate them in the living room and knocked a window out.

Swear to the Lord.
Another time there were to live grenades in a box.
We took them to the fire department on 45th or 4th
And I remember Pa telling me later
They were live.

Saw my first solar lighter in those boxes.

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