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11/29/16 - posted by Tim Dineen

You're right - spectacular!

One of the Christmases we were home, I solo'd Ave Maria at Midnight Mass - must have been all of 9 years old. Mrs. Daniels at the organ.

That may have been the same year I presented Mayor Christopher with a book of Christmas Carols on the steps of the Rotunda at City Hall.

The various playgrounds had singing groups and the like - South Sunset had Mrs Daniels teaching ukulele and singing - and each year all the various groups would get together on the steps to perform a Christmas Concert.

For whatever reason, I was chosen to present the Mayor with his gift, that year...

Nervous as hell, I forgot my speech. I started out "Mayor Christopher... [clear throat] Mayor Christopher... [clear throat] Gladys Hansen, the playground director was stage-whispering "On Behalf! On Behalf!"

Light bulb lit and I quickly rambled:

"Oh, yeah! Mayor Christopher, On behalf of the Children's Chorus of the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department, I'd like to present to you, this book of Carols, for you and Mrs. Christopher."

He laughed, picked me up and gave me a big congratulatory hug.

55 years later I remember the speech. I don't remember where my keys are, but I remember that speech!

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