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11/29/16 - posted by Skipper

Christmas on Judah st. Was a family affair. It was Chevy's dime store, Joe and Fred's barber shop, Lucky's gas station. I miss and covet the small mom and pop family of it all. My father taught me charity my example, always with dignity and anonymous but to the receiver. Tim, What a wonderful moment that high mass must have been. Thank you for opening the door and sharing it with all of us. Don't miss Bocelli singing The Lords Prayer at the Mormon Temple Tabernacle. Divine.

Also Christmas classic movies, my two favorites, Miracle on 34th st. And The Bishops wife.

The most wonderful time of the year.

One year my Mom left the inside Christmas decorations up for one whole year. And we cooked a turkey every weekend. But gave not presents but something of ourselves.


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