Serra and di Suervo homes - 43rd and Taraval

11/28/16 - posted by Zach - suprah<at>

Hi All,

I am doing some research on the life and career of the artist Richard Serra (born 1939).

According to the Chronicle, "The Serra home was at 43rd and Taraval, six blocks from Ocean Beach."

(And on top of that: "Living two doors away were the di Suveros." Extraordinary that two of the most significant sculptors of the 20th century (Serra and Mark di Suervo), grew up so close!)

Does anyone know the fate of these homes?

Serra has described his home elsewhere as a "tract house in the middle of nowhere. So there were sand dunes that went for about 10 square miles, with a few houses built with no blacktop roads." Clearly that didn't last long!

Anyway, thanks for the wealth of history here on the site. Any insight into the Serra and di Suervo homes would be appreciated.


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