Re: Serra and di Suervo homes - 43rd and Taraval

12/02/16 - posted by Zach

Oh wow - awesome!

What a time to leave China and arrive in San Francisco.

I wonder if they settled first in Portola/Excelsior too?

Di Suvero's father wound up working in the shipyards with Richard's dad during the war and, as Richard tells it: "At the time, the shipyards gave them a dispensation, if you would buy a tract house in the middle of nowhere. So there were sand dunes that went for about 10 square miles, with a few houses built with no blacktop roads, and my family and the di Suvero family lived in this sand dune."

I've been following something else that's a little curious: there seems to be some (rather recent) revisionism going on with regards to Richard's birth year. The Wikipedia entry for Richard Serra,, has gone back and forth between 1938 and (the more commonly attributed) 1939, with 1938 currently holding stock due to this California Birth Index listing,

Literally every publication I have on Richard Serra- from his "Writings and Interviews" to various Art Mongraphs lists his birthday as November 2, 1939. As have most of his online bios until recently - the Encyclopedia Brtiannica as example:

I wonder how such a prominent, published figure could have listed his year of birth incorrectly for so long - it seems like a relatively easy thing to verify?

Anyway, something seems afoot, with so much back and forth over the last few weeks....

Thanks, Ann ;)


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