12/03/16 - posted by JM Quinn

WM - I am trying to lay low right now, but duty calls....

There is another "Last Mom" in the St. Cecilia Parish, who is alive and well, in her mid-90s, and thriving like mad! She currently lives outside of the Neighborhood, though her family home remains intact - lived in by one of her sons.

She was an honored guest at our St. Cecilia Class of 1960 1910 reunion, and gave us all a "run for our money!"
Her name is Mary McCarthy, and her husband was Cornelius "Con" McCarthy. Con was a teacher at Lowell. Mary was a homemaker who (in conjunction with her hubby) successfully raised 5 children. One of her sons became a Jesuit priest, and is highly regarded in Catholic circles - and elsewhere - to this day.
The family resided on 14th Avenue between Taraval and Ulloa.

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